Back to your true self. Back to your power. Back to your freedom.

Back to freedom retreat


“How Can I Live A Life Of Freedom?”

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Your Journey Back to Freedom

Away from everything - into a new world - to explore your true self.

T o create deep and transformative changes in a familiar and ‘normal’ environment can be a challenge, and it often stops people from really making a difference. Your normal daily routines and people around you act as a force that reinforces your current ‘old’ mindset and beliefsystem.

This is where the significance of the retreat comes in. With this retreat we rip you out of your normal environment and place you into paradise. A place of transformation. A place without any judgement. A place where you will explore your true self. 

Solely this experience can have a major impacts in peoples lives.

Bali, Indonesia – May 7th – May 13th 2017

The location, and the quality of the environment play a significant role to be focussed, energized and to experience deep inner change.

We have found Bali to be one of the best spots to experience such a life-transforming journey.

Bali symbolises FREEDOM, it’s a place of purity and beauty.

It’s a place where people can finally let go of their attachments and truly focus on the goals that really matter in their lives.

The Luxury Villa

We have chosen this incredible location for a reason. The retreat takes place in an environment that raises the standards you are holding for yourself.

We want this homebase to be a reminder to what you deserve. It’s fully included in the price and we see it as the perfect place to create the extraordinary.

Greatness, in the last analysis, is largely bravery – courage in escaping from old ideas and old standards and respectable ways of doing things. James Harvey Robinson

“Is This Program For Me?”

We are very conscious in chosing the right people for this program and we’re not holding back to serve you powerfully. On a free exploration session you will get more clear on your path and you will find out if this program is the right it for you or not.



The 4 Elements of the Retreat

We are complex human beings and we wanted this week to have a lasting and life-changing effect on the people. The retreat is designed that it stimulies all aspects of you. The physical, the emotional, the social and the practical parts create the foundation for deep and lasting change.


Through deep coaching conversations we help you see life differently, and rid yourself of personal blocks and limitations.


The goal of the seminars is to expend your current perspective, and see life differently. On our last retreat they formed the core of the personal transformations of the participants.


While normally people look at adventures as awesome experiences which are fun, there is an other specific reason why they are included. We have found that as people let go, play, and get into the moment – their analytical mind quiets down, and the new insights take place. After the seminars and coaching sessions we detach and experience fun, joy and adventure. It’s the time where you can have fun with your fellow brothers, experience incredibly beautiful parts of this planet, do things you’ve never done before and enjoy life fully!


We have found that there is an invisible power on group programs, where like-minded people come together. This power acts as a catalyst on the group, helping the members experience new ways of looking at life. There is a safe, honest, open space created on the retreat between the members, which is rarely experienced by people in normal everyday environment. This safe space makes it possible to bring into the group your true inner deepest held thoughts, and feelings, which might have been supressed. Once expressed though makes a natural healing take place in the indicidual’s psyche. 


Testimonials from the last Program

We are passionate about helping people live a more meaningful, extraordinary life of their own design, helping them step up to their true power, create amazing relationships, and make their dreams come true.

“Am I the Right Fit for this Program?”

Our aim was to create the best personal development program there is on the market. Period. Based on that, we are not holding back with exploring, and serving all the applicants powerfully. Each one of the 8 ‘brothers’ will be selected personally by us, in a one-on-one deep-dive coaching session.

We value transparency and honesty and if you have a powerful drive to change something in your life, then we highly recommend you to apply for a personal deep dive session.

Those exploration sessions can already create big impacts in your life and only if we both know, without a doubt, that you’re the right fit for this program and the team, then we will explore the next steps together.



On your journey through life, make sure your biography has at least one extraordinary chapter.


Is this you?

If this fits you, then read on, because you can be part of an inspiring group of individuals going on an adventure of their lifetime that will shape your whole destiny.

You like adventures. You value growth, challenges, fun and travel. You are ready to take your life to the next level.

You want to live a meaningful, passionate life with more effortless success.

You want to create deep, loving connections with people and be a passionate lover in your intimate relationship.

You feel there is a deeper level of joy, freedom, passion, and confidence available for you, but not sure how to unleash your true power.



“Are You the Right Fit for This Program?”

We are very conscious in chosing the right people for this program and we’re not holding back to serve you powerfully. On a free exploration session you will get more clear on your path and you will find out if this program is the right it for you or not.



An experience of a Lifetime

This Retreat is a transformational experience with deep sessions, adventures and where you connect to extraordinary people. It's the core of the program and it's designed that you will return back home as a different man.

Who are you? What is within you? What is the image you have about yourself? What are you capable of? How do you want to show up in life? What do you really want to create?

You will get to know the answers to your deeply held questions. This retreat is not going to be a seminar where you will sit straight, listen, and be in your head.

We believe real transformation takes place through experience, not intellectually. You will FEEL the change. You will go through it, you will live it – every single day.

Experience is the greatest teacher in life.


What you will experience in this week

Arrival day

You arrive in paradise. After an introduction session, we will prepare you mentally, and emotionally to get the absolute best out of this adventure.

You will get a chance to settle down, get comfortable and connect with your fellow brothers. From this day you will be part of a group of the most interesting and inspiring people, who are ready to take their life to the next level.

Transfer to Mansion - The Journey begins

Today we will move in to our beautiful Mansion which will become our Kingdom for the life-changing transformation. This is the most important day.

These inspiring people you met the day before, will become your brothers.

From this day on you will be part of a powerful family. Together we will create an environment of total trust, where you will feel safe, and accepted, and show up totally free during the whole program. You will get to experience the deep transformative effect of being in a group where everyone can put down their masks, and be free from social disconnection.

Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life.


Module 1 - You are already alright!

You will find your inner power today, and be able to deeply accept who you are. The problem is that most people live their whole life with inner tension about who they think they should be to be accepted by others, and who they are with all their aspects. We go through life trying to hide certain characteristics about ourselves and this creates most of our inner frustrations in our lives. It limits our ability to go through life with ease, and negatively affects our relationships with others. You will get rid of those inner tensions which come from rejecting certain aspects of yourself. You will create the foundations for deep self-acceptance, which is going to transform your relationship with yourself and others in your life.

“[Carl Jung] was the sort of man who could feel anxious and afraid and guilty without being ashamed of feeling this way. In other words, he understood that an integrated person is not a person who has simply eliminated the sense of guilt or the sense of anxiety from his life – who is fearless and wooden and kind of sage of stone. He is a person who feels all these things, but has no recriminations against himself for feeling them.” – Alan Watts

We cannot change anything until we accept it.

Carl Jung

Module 2 - You are more than you think!

This day you will have a life transforming experience of how powerful you actually are beyond the internal limiting thoughts that can go on in your mind.

You will see life from a new perspective. You will realize that all the happiness, confidence, joy, freedom you want is already innate within you, and how you can live more from this inner well-being of yours.

It will have a massive effect on every area of your life: your career, relationships, health, and emotional well-being. You will naturally relax in your life, show up with more confidence, joy, and a radiating energy that makes people want to be around you.

No matter how scary, or oppressive, or insecure your experience of life may be, once you realize that it’s only your own thinking that you’re experiencing, that thinking loses much of its hold over you.

Michael Neill

Module 3 - Achieving Emotional Freedom

You are going to get intimate with your difficult emotions (anger, frustration, insecurity, fear, uncertainty, guilt, shame) and set yourself free from them. You will get to know your deepest fears, the only thing people stop themselves with from creating life they deeply want. You will develop a different relationship with your fears so they will serve you and not limit you anymore.

Difficult emotions are not the problems. But what we do with them that creates either freedom or suffering.

The quality of your life is the quality of your emotions.

Anthony Robbins

Module 4 - From Head to Heart - Creating deep appreciation for life

What if you could start living from your heart instead from your head? One of the biggest problems in society is that most people mainly live in their heads. This causes suffering, anxieties, stress, depression, separation, and other blocks that hold us back from really living a truly meaningful life. When you drop to your heart (the source of your intuition, creativity, and consciousness), your life transforms. You will have an inner sense of stability, and ease of moving through life. Your heart always knows what’s best for you, and you get in touch with it once again.

From this day forward connecting with people will become natural and effortless for you. Your social skills will go through a dramatic increase.

Your relationships with people will deepen greatly, you will listen more openly, and people will feel more appreciated and loved around you. And this in turn draws people into your life, because they actually want to be in your presence.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs

Module 5 - Stepping into your Masculine Power

You get in touch with and embrace your innate Warrior. You are so much stronger than you think. When men are not connected to their masculine energy, it leads to indecisiveness, insecurities, lack of integrity, and unfulfilling sexual performance. You integrate your natural masculine power into yourself, which makes you have more stability, confidence, sexual presence, deeper attraction with women, and going through your life with core strength to make anything possible for yourself and your loved ones.

After this day you will know what it really takes to be a fantastic lover and make women feel safe in your presence.

Module 6 - Discovering your purpose & Creating your dream life

After the transformation you have already gone through with your brothers you have arrived to an internal place of acceptance, strength, certainty, and freedom. Now it’s time to make your stand in this world, and from this inner place make your life a masterpiece.

You will dig deep and from the treasures of your heart you will bring to surface your true purpose, and the dreams you have never even dared to dream of.

You will craft the vision of the meaningful and extraordinary life you are going to create. You get clear on your ideal career, relationship, health, emotional well-being. You uncover your deep Values that will guide you in your life! As you have this powerful vision and integrate it into yourself, amazing things will naturally start to show up in your life.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Carl Jung

Module 7 - Integration Day - Commitment to your true self

You have come a long way. Life will never be the same for you anymore. We will integrate everything you have gone through in the previous days.

After the adventures and transformation you have gone through you will have a deep sense of stability, power and knowing that you are the creator of your life. You can dream and create the impossible.

Your life transforms around you because you have transformed within you. We will work on how you can stay true to your powerful self even when you get back to your old environment, and people around you. You will experience an unforgettable closing ceremony to never forget the adventures, and inner journey you have experienced with your brothers.

Good bye Day

This is not the end. It’s the beginning of a new journey. Not only have you been through an amazing adventure, transformation, and fun – you have also become richer in your relationships. You have met brothers that are on the same path as you, and that can become lifelong friends.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. 

Oprah Winfrey

This retreat alone was a life-changing experience for me!

In this retreat I gained a deep understanding on how I can create an extraordinary life. 



A band of brothers. Miracles created together.

Are you ready to become a part of a new family of brothers? Each one has his own story. His own challenges and his own vision. Each one will go through his own changes. Each one bring in his own strengths. And together we will create miracles.

This is what books can’t give you. We have found incredible effects in group-programs. In this program you will connect to 7 inspiring and admirable brothers who absolutely committed to take things to the next level with you, who keep you accountable and will inspire you achieve even greater success.

Together you will experience something that nobody can take away from you again. You will become part of a family of high performing people. Solely these connections can shape your future in extraordinary ways.

You will experience what it means to be supported from all sides. We hold together. We support. You will become a part of a powerful mastermind.



You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.


Watch the Case Study From Our Last Retreat

See the breakthroughs of Dane, Justin and Attila on our last retreat in Costa Rica.

“How Can I Join The Next Adventure?”

We are very conscious in chosing the right people for this program and we’re not holding back to serve every person that is interested in the program in powerful ways.

Each man who is interested in the program will be invited for a free clarity session. This session you will get clear on what you truly want and together we will find out if this program is the right it for you or not.


The story behind Back to Freedom Retreat

We are passionate about helping people live a more meaningful, extraordinary life of their own design, helping them step up to their true power, create amazing relationships, and make their dreams come true.

W e believe it’s possible for everyone to live an extraordinary life. The only thing stopping them is their own inner thinking. The only limit and blocks are inside us, and once we realize that, and set ourselves free, our whole outside world changes.

We worked with hundreds of individuals, from some of the most challenged to the most successful. We have participated in numerous trainings, retreats, seminars, and coaching programs around the world. And based on these experiences we sat down to make the most powerful life-transformational event we know.

Balloon - Costa Rica - The adventure of your lifetime

We sat down and brainstormed on the questions:

  • What does it take to truly reshape someone’s entire life?
  • How can we create a program which goes deeper than any coaching, training, seminar, or other program that is out there?
  • How can we combine our years of experience working with hundreds of individuals to create an intensive program that will transform a small number of men’s lives?

And what came out of that is something extraordinary we believe.

For someone’s life to change he needs to change how he sees the world.

If you change the way you see the world, the world around you changes.

The internal mindsets that hold us back

We are held up in our own internal mindset with the beliefs we picked up since our childhood. This runs the show for our lives. Whether we live our lives with poverty or abundance, insecurity or confidence, struggle or freedom, unworthiness or a sense of wholeness, alone or surrounded by loving relationships… it all comes down to how we perceive the world and how we act based on that.

If we shape our inner world, everything shifts as well. And we experience that again and again on a daily basis working with individuals in our coaching sessions, seeing how people’s world can shift in an instant and then it carries on changing their whole outer world as well.

But we wanted to take it to an even more extraordinary level, and give people an experience that will forever alter their reality, so life will never be the same again.


Your 4 Month Process of Transformation

The Back to Freedom Retreat is not 'just' a retreat. It is a 4 month program that is specifically designed to create deep, lasting change in your life.

We want people to experience lasting change in their lives. Based on our experience we have designed a very specific program that we added and built around the retreat. It will guide and support you before and after the retreat and is a significant pillar for your transformation and lasting change.
This program is not solely a week of deep work, fun and adventure. We will take you through a 4-month-process that is divided into 3 phases.

1 Month - Preparation Phase

You will be introduced to the program, meet your new family of brothers and you will get mentally prepared so that this retreat will be one of the most powerful weeks in your life.

The Retreat: Immersion Phase

The core of the program. It’s an immersion experience, where you break free of old limitations, and awaken to your full potential – Or how our past attendees would describe it: “You will see life completely differently.”

3 Month - Implementation Phase

The 3 month follow up process that will keep you accountable and help you to fully internalize your new understanding, mindset and insights into your everyday life. 

01 – The Preparation Phase
(1 Month)

The Preparation-Phase plays a significant role for your transformation. You’re about to experience deep changes in your life, your self-confidence and the way you show up in the world. You’re about to go through an unforgettable, transformative experience that will make you look differently at yourself and the life you’re living.

We want this adventure to be life-changing for you, that’s why we will lead you trough the preparation phase beforehand.

In this phase you will be introduced to the program and you will get you mentally equiped so that this retreat will be one of the most powerful weeks in your life.

In the Preparation-Phase you will also connect and meet the whole team and your new team of brothers for the first time via skype. It is the start of an incredible journey.

02 – The Retreat
(7 Days)

Welcome to paradise! We take people out of their everyday environment to a place far away from their old limiting patterns. During this week, you will discover your true potential, find clarity on your path and remove the layers that hold you back from living your life fully.

This week will be demanding, intense and a lot of fun, play, action. It’s an adventure of a lifetime.

This is an immersion phase and specifically designed to create transformations on a deeper level than the logical and analytical mind. You will return as a different person.

Below on this page you will find more information about how the retreat is structured to unleash your potential, and give you the adventure of your lifetime.

03 – The Implementation-Phase
(3 Months)

It’s very likely that you come back as a different person from this retreat. By this phase you already see life differently. You have experienced what it is like to access your true self without layers of limitations.

New doors open up for you in your life by expressing yourself more naturally, creating more effortless success, performing at higher levels, experiencing emotional freedom and feeling a deeper sense of confidence within you.

The 3 month Implementation-Phase is designed to support you on that journey. You’ll not only have new brothers that support you and keep you accountable on your journey, you will also be professionally coached in group calls within the next 3 months.

In this phase we will help you to fully internalize your new understanding, mindset and insights into your everyday life.


The Coaches

Tamas Bedo

Tamas Bedo is one of the most accomplished high-performance coaches in Hungary. He has worked with hundreds of individuals from some of the most challenged to the most successful. His clients are outstanding personalities, including top-level poker players, athletes, CEOs and entrepreneurs.

His work changes lives. Tamas helps people awaken to their innate state of clarity from which place their whole life experience changes. Success becomes effortless, relationships deepen, an inner freedom and confidence emerges, and joyful fulfillment becomes more of the natural way of being for his clients.


Sam Ryter

Sam is a professional coach and helps people all around the world to create better, deeper and more impactful relationships in their lives.




An exponential life of success and happiness

Tamas is one of those amazing human beings who had the most influence on me.
Knowing him helped tremendously to create an exponential life of success and happiness that I’m pursuing every single day.
When I sit with Tamas, there is no way back.
His passion for understanding and expanding the human potential breaks through my stories that separate me from the next level.
It’s simple: We meet. We connect. My life transforms. 

Adam Takacs

Putting down a lot of heavy weight

I’m not sure what’s the best word to describe my experience about the group coaching. Inspiring? Life-changing? Gratefulness? Even before the program has started I had a private session with Tamas that already acted as a catalyst in my life. He slowed me down enough to look beyond my thoughts and expectations that were causing me frustration. He tends to do this a lot to people, just slows them down so they can see their whole inner and outer world from a different angle, and their life is impacted from that point. My inner experience has radically changed.

I am more free from my own held beliefs. Whilst in the past many times I was trying to achieve things from a place of inner edginess now I am more at ease with myself, and have put down lot of heavy weights I was carrying on my shoulders. It’s still a journey with its ups and downs, but my life is different now. I learned so much not just from Tamas, and his coaching sessions with me, but also when I could witness how he was working with others in the group sessions, and also from other’s reflections in the skype group. It felt great to be part of this inspiring community, and feeling this underlying invisible energy of the group supporting all of us.

Arpad Toth

Finally feeling amazing in my skin

I want to thank you for your work. It helped me so much to get up again and live a more fulfilled life! I have got something which I neved had: I feel amazing in my skin, and I can say I love who I am. Large part of this is due to working with you, your materials, and your recommended materials. THANK YOU!

Csaba Ferenczi

The power of one insight

I have been a member of the 5 month long group coaching program Tamas did. He gave me a 1-on-1 session before joining the program, and that was already life changing for me. I realized how I tied my own inner freedom to outside things, which stopped me from showing up fully to my life in every area. When he pointed out to me and we worked through that, my life has shifted in many ways since then.

I know that freedom is inside me, and I show up more fully present, and loving in my relationship, I have had record months in my career, I am enjoying life more than ever, and making my vision a reality what I have set out to create beginning of the program. It feels amazing. I made amazing new friends from the program, enjoyed the meetups and the weekly coaching sessions, and it was great to be part of a supporting group where all of us have similar ambitions for our lives.

Bence Bogdan


Removal of my fears

Sam Ryter is giving powerful coaching sessions where you can find your real purpose in life. The coaching with Sam allows you to feel love. A form of love, that people rarely experience. It’s a reconnection to ourselves. Our true essence and power.

From that place of love you can remove your fears, your blocks and your limitations. Thats when your real purpose comes up to your consciousness and you can rise and shine and step into your true power and become the human being you want to be. 

Gergo Amon

One of the most natural guys

Sam is one of the most natural and beautiful guys I have ever met. I have never seen someone interact with women, and people in general, from such a place of love and giving as I have Sam. And without needing it, it results in him having one of the most fulfilled life and yes, fulfilled sex and dating life. Sam coaches individuals to achieve this higher vibration of living.

Sean RussellCEO of Menprovement

Astounding Talent and Coach

I’ve been living with Sam for the past 3 months and this guy is an astounding talent and world class coach. He has an advanced spiritual understanding and wisdom way beyond his years plus he’s one of the most vibrant and dynamic characters you will ever meet. Just being in this man’s presence is highly transformational.

John CooperFounder of Social Heartistry

My Life-Changing Experience

I just spent two days of coaching with Sam and it was truly life changing. Sam made me much more self aware and this led me to discover things about myself I might never discovered alone. Before I met Sam I was pretending to be someone else than myself. I was trying so hard to look confident, to be funny and intresting to prove to others I was good enough for them. I never realized that I was already good enough already. He helped me to open myself to people and express myself honestly. After this connecting to others felt effortless. He thought me to express myself, to think of others, to live my purpose now and so much more. Sam provides no easy fix to make you feel good now, but gives you the tools to create a fulfilling life.

Armin Tabani

Focus on my Real Power

It is pretty easy, if you are naturally an extrovert, to talk about what is on your mind. But even for me as an extrovert, it’s difficult to talk and be aware of what I actually feel. Sam helped me to stop for a second. To breath. To stop (over)thinking and to put my focus on my real power, my real beauty.

Sam is the only person I have ever met who was able to help me to make myself stop for a second. To make my mind clear and feel that I am good enough already. Living from this place is ultimately powerful. I am fine and I can listen to my heart. Now every time I get confused, I know now how to listen to my body and soul. This is the only right way and it ultimately gave me the trust in myself to make the right decisions.

I will always be grateful!

Borbala Eszteri



Interested? Apply For Your Clarity Session!

We would like to get to know you! All attendants are chosen by the coaches to create the most powerful and inspiring mens group. We want the best for you, and we are not holding back with serving and helping you to get clear about your next steps in your life.

Apply now, write your motivation for being a part of this exceptional group and you will get contacted by one of the coaches for a free and deep clarity session.

The purpose of this session is about getting clear if this program is something for you. Those sessions can already create big impacts in your life and only if we both know, without a doubt, that you're the right fit for this program and the team, then we will explore the next steps together.

Most people never experience such powerful shifts in their lives, because they are lacking in making a first step. So please don't hold back contacting us, we are happy to serve, help and to connect with you.